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Monitoring Point Zero

The Monitoring Point Zero (MPZ) Report is a report that you can order at the start of the autumn term as soon as you have your AS level results. It includes those AS students that are continuing their courses into the second year. Read more

Alps Help Videos

Please see our latest help videos; including ‘Introduction to Alps’, ‘How to submit data’ and ‘How to read an Alps subject page’. Read more

Preparing for 2015 Results Day

If you would like to order Alps reports from examination results day, we ask that you use the Alps Data Collection Software (ADCS) to submit your data. This can be downloaded free of charge from our website. Read more

2015 Data Submissions

If you submit your data to us on or before the 19th of August you will receive your report before the start of term. Read more

2015 ADCS – Available Now

The 2015 version of our free Alps Data Collection Software is available now. This can be used to prepare your results data for submission, to generate A and AS level targets and to produce internal reports. Read more

Alps Reports 2015

We are preparing for our busy period as August's Results Day draws closer. As part of this we have been putting the finishing touches on our 2015 suite of reports. These are the most powerful and user friendly Alps reports to date. We hope you are looking forward to receiving them in time for the start of term in September. Read more

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First year with Alps? Have a look at our handy data submission guide
30/07/2015 15:00

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Student characters

Want to find out more about the services we offer? Watch our new video for a quick introduction to Alps.

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How can Alps help you?

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  • Alps for Senior Managers
  • Alps for Local Authorities, Academy Chains, Multisite Colleges & Groups
  • Alps for Data Managers
  • Alps for Teachers
  • Alps for Governors
  • Alps for Students
  • Alps for Parents

Alps for Senior Managers

The Alps process is particularly valuable for senior leadership teams. Our reports provide detailed analysis that allows you to celebrate areas of success and make focused, positive steps towards addressing areas of weakness. Our high quality training can also help you to make the most of Alps, embedding our ethos and helping to improve outcomes for all post-16 students.

Why use Alps

Alps Training



Alps for Local Authorities, Academy Chains, Multisite Colleges & Groups

We work with a number of local authorities, school consortia and academy chains to provide area wide analysis of provision. Our projects give you a ‘common language’ which enables schools, colleges and the authority to engage in conversations about post-16 outcomes. We help you to identify and share best practice. Our bespoke projects include reports and tailored, high quality training.

Please call us on 01484 887600 to discuss how our work could help you to improve focus on post-16 learning.

Local Authority report

Training for Local Authorities

Wakefield Local Authority Case Study

Alps for Data Managers

Alps provides an easy and simple way to visualise your data and to measure value added performance. Our indicators are robust and are backed up by over 25 years’ experience. Our Alps Data Collection Software and our online portal myAlps make it easier than ever to prepare your data for submission and to upload it to us.

How to Order an Alps Report

How to read an Alps report


Alps for Teachers

Alps is a process designed to improve the life chances of young people. Our target grades are aspirational, raising students’ expectations and performance.  Our targets are based on what is actually being achieved by the top 25% of schools and colleges, against our national benchmarks. Our reports are clear, concise and easy to follow, while also detailed enough to allow forensic analysis.

Target setting

Case Studies


2015 ADCS & User Guide

Alps for Governors

Our analysis can provide valuable insights for everyone involved in the management of post-16 learning in a school or college. The overview contained within our reports gives a clear picture of overall value added performance. These reports can form an important discussion point during governors meetings. If you are unsure whether your school or college uses Alps you should speak to your head/principal. Many schools also ask Alps to provide training for their governing bodies.

About Alps

History of Alps

Why use Alps

Alps for Students

We provide students with minimum target grades which are based on the performance of all students nationally. We use GCSE performance as a measure of ability and assign target grades based on each student’s prior ability ‘band’. The target given is based on the grades achieved by the top 25% nationally.

These grades are not intended to place a limit on achievement. They are minimum targets which some students will exceed. They are based on national statistics which include the achievements of all students. By working closely with your teachers you can challenge yourself to be ambitious and to meet or exceed the grades achieved by previous groups of students.

Alps for Parents

The Alps system is based on a powerful educational philosophy which emphasises encouraging high aspirations for all students. Our reports are intended for internal use by schools and colleges to  measure the value added progress of post-16 students.

We provide a framework for schools and colleges to use when setting targets with their students. This is based on setting students a minimum target of matching the achievements of the top 25% of similar ability students based on our national benchmarks. The Alps target grades are not intended to place a limit on achievement, they are a minimum target grade which some students will aim to exceed. Some schools and colleges may share these targets directly with their students, while others may incorporate them into their own target setting and monitoring methodologies.