The Way that you Send Data to Alps is Changing

Submission of your examination results on Results Day will now happen through Connect Data.

Connect Data is our new and improved free tool for data submission:

  • Instant analysis!
  • Easier, less time consuming submissions
  • Enables advance preparation to ensure a smooth Results Day submission
  • Available for KS4 and KS5 end of year and within-year data submissions


Available now for monitoring data submissions!

With Connect Data you will have full control of your own data. Data Connect will take you through the steps to help you ensure that your data is correct and accurate before you upload it. You will have instant analysis on the data you upload.

Preparing for Results Day Video


Three Checks to do Now! – Essential for Smooth Data Submissions

1. Activated Account

Check that your school or college is activated with a myAlps account. If you have a currently activated myAlps account, this will transfer into your new Connect Account automatically for the Summer. If you are unsure please contact the office now on 01484 887 600.

Important – The activation process requires your username and password to be posted to your school or college. If you are not activated by Results Day your data submission and subsequent analysis will be delayed.

2. Authorised Users

Check who your Authorised Users are. These are the staff who currently have the access rights to upload data via myAlps. Check they are the correct people and if necessary update your permissions to ensure the right people have access on Results Day. If you are unsure please contact the office now on 01484 887 600.

3. Practice with Connect Data now!

Use our Connect Data Instructions to practice using our new Connect Data software before the end of term:

  • All 2017/18 Cohort data you import now will be saved for Results Day
  • You can import Cohort data, subject and teaching sets now ready for use on Results Day
  • Prior to Results Day you can do a ‘Dry Run’ of your Grades data import replacing your grades using Q ‘dummy grades’, the benefits of this include;
  •    i. Confirm that the available MIS report works with your MIS
  •    ii. Familiarise yourself with the import process
  •    iii. Your chosen subject mapping options will be remembered for Results Day, allowing you to auto-map your subjects.
  • Import your most recent tracking data as a Monitoring Gradepoint


Webinars & Resources

We are running free webinars on "Preparing for Results Day" to help data managers set up Connect Data, ready for a quick and easy import on Results Day.

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  Full Connect Data User Guide (PDF)

Quick Steps:


  • 01

    Check you can access Connect Data

    Check your access to Connect Data before Results Day – the person submitting your Results will need to see this Data button on the Connect homepage.

  • 02

    Prepare and import your Cohort data

    Import your Student Details and Teaching Set data. This will be saved within the application, ready for Results Day. If you already uploaded a Cohort for monitoring using Connect Data, please check you are happy with your subjects and teaching sets.

  • 03

    Import dry run results to create your subject mappings

    If you are confident that you know the format of your subject names in your Results Day export, import a dry run data set and save your subject mappings.



  • 01

    Import your Results

    Import your Results data, needing only the Student ID, Subject and Grade to link to your pre-prepared Cohort data.

  • 02

    Map your subjects in one click

    Map your subjects in one click using the saved subject mappings from the dry run import.

  • 03

    Add to Connect

    Add your data to Connect, allowing reports to be run instantly and analysis in Connect Interactive.


Target Setting

In September, Connect will allow you to generate Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) for both Key Stage 4 and 5 and import them into your MIS.

Target setting webinars will run throughout September helping you to get the most from your Alps Connect tool and embed Alps across your school or college.