Training for Groups & LAs

As well as delivering training within individual schools & colleges, we also provide training for local authority staff, groups of schools, multisite colleges, consortia and academy chains.

The sessions generally focus on our Group and Consortium reports and are designed to help staff to interpret and make effective use of these in informing strategic decisions. These sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of the group.

Our training is extremely practical and insightful. The feedback we receive from groups and local authorities is excellent. The information that we are able to provide, which is unavailable elsewhere, gives an immediate and accurate picture of performance that is easily understood by all. The tools that we provide through our training sessions help you to translate the insights from your reports into real, positive actions, aimed at improving outcomes for your students.

To discuss our group and local authority training further please contact us directly. All our training sessions can be booked in consultation with a member of our Education Team.