The History of Alps

Alps was developed by Dr Kevin Conway CBE throughout his 25 years in education. It was first put into practice at Greenhead College, Huddersfield, while he was principal from 1987 to 2001. His passion for improving the life chances of young people saw Greenhead transformed from an average college into one of the top performing colleges in the country.

Since then hundreds of schools and colleges have undertaken a similar journey with the support and guidance of Alps. Over 70% of A levels are now taken in schools that use Alps.

Kevin founded Alps following his retirement as a way of sharing his vision and ethos; that each person is an individual, an exception and to be valued. He applied this to both students and staff. He was renowned for his vision, leadership and strong faith and was evangelical in his mission to encourage all teachers to realise the potential of their students.

Sadly Kevin passed away in 2012. He has left behind a legacy which has seen Greenhead College firmly established as one of the top colleges in the country and Alps now providing reports and training to schools and colleges nationally each year. It is Kevin’s passion in realising a simple vision, that all students can aspire to achieve their full potential, which drives Alps today.

In Summer 2016 we began an exciting new chapter of the Alps story, with the introduction of our Key Stage 4 reports and training. We are confident that our simple, clear values will resonate as strongly at this level as they always have at post-16. Our mission remains unchanged: to improve the life chances of all students.