About Alps Key Stage 4

Since we started producing reports in 2001 Alps has built a strong reputation as a powerful tool to both measure and improve student progress. We are currently used by the majority of colleges and school sixth forms in England and Wales. In total, we analyse three-quarters of all A level results.

At the heart of this success is a simple educational philosophy: that every student is an individual, an exception and to be valued. We believe that this idea is equally applicable to Key Stage 4.

Our KS4 reports are uniquely able to provide valuable insight at three key levels: student level (for class teachers), strategic (for senior management teams) and area-wide (for local authorities). The simplicity of our reports removes barriers of understanding for those who are not familiar with data analysis, while the sophistication behind our methodology ensures our reports maintain high credibility with data specialists.

All our reports are designed by highly successful teachers with experience of using the Alps system to achieve outstanding results in schools and colleges. This wealth of experience helps ensure that Alps reports continue to reflect the real needs of teachers. We are also available to deliver a wide range of training sessions, focusing on best practice and the use of the Alps system.

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There is a trend at Key Stage 4 towards an increased focus on progress. This idea, that the educational journey of every student is both unique and important, is absolutely central to Alps. All of our experience and expertise is focused on helping you to ensure that all students make exceptional progress.