KS4 Reports

For each school we will produce a:

  • Main KS4 report
  • Teaching Set report

These are separated into two reports for ease of use and should be used together in analysing performance. Our Key Stage 4 report includes both your GCSE and BTEC level 1 & 2 results.

The KS4 reports give you a broad overview of performance across your school, with a range of indicators to help you highlight subjects, teaching sets and individual students who are performing either above or below target. It also contains overall indicators which measure progress across your school, using a range of measures.

The main report contains:

  • Analysis of student performance by ability band (based on KS2 outcomes)
  • Overall value added score for your school
  • Alps Quality Indicator & QI8
  • Single subject pages
  • ‘Red’ (top 25%) and ‘Blue’ (bottom 25%) teaching & learning scores
  • Teaching Set analysis
  • Student performance overview

The KS4 Teaching Set report gives detailed performance analysis by teaching set.

Our Key Stage 4 report is a powerful tool to enable your leadership team to focus on addressing weaknesses and reinforcing strengths.

View our example Key Stage 4 report

If you would like to discuss KS4 reports further to find out if they are right for you then please contact us directly.