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In Summer 2017, the first cohort of students will be receiving numeric 9-1 grades in reformed GCSE subjects – English and maths. This cohort will therefore have a mixture of reformed and unreformed grades, with most results being under the unreformed A*-G structure.

These students will be starting their Key Stage 5 study in September, so schools and colleges will need A level, AS level and BTEC Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) for their students from Alps. They will also require GCSE score baselines to calculate value added scores for monitoring reports or in Alps Connect.

Alps have researched a number of options including the DfE transitional points being used by Progress 8 calculations for KS4. We have concluded that the best approach is to retain the existing Alps bands and points systems to provide stability and simplicity for the forthcoming year. The grades 9-1 will be allocated an Alps Point for 2017 September starters.

As there is no data about the true distribution of reformed points we are unable to create benchmarks that are based on actual data of combinations of reformed and unreformed grades. However, by converting the three reformed subjects, our 2017 benchmarks will continue to relevant for target setting and monitoring students.

GCSE Score Calculation

For the three reformed subjects (English language, English literature & mathematics) the Alps points will be:

For the remaining subjects the points remain the same:

To calculate the 2017/18 Alps Average GCSE Score, add up the points for each grade and divide by the number of subjects.

Don’t forget that unreformed short course (half GCSE) has half the points and double GCSE courses have double points and each should have a weighting of 0.5 and 2 respectively when calculating the average score.

Level 2 equivalent qualifications are not included in the Alps Average GCSE Score calculation.
For the September 2018 starters, we will review the Alps Average GCSE Score calculation as the majority of the GCSE results will be using the grades 9-1.

Please note: As the Foundation Diploma uses a new gradeset and different UCAS points compared to the 90-credit Diploma, we are unable to provide MEGs until the first set of results are available.

See page 2 for the Minimum Expected Grades for the September 2017 starters based on the new 2017/18 Average GCSE score calculation.

KS5 minimum expected grades for 2017 starters