Target Setting

Target setting is central to the Alps philosophy. The challenge for all students is to match the achievements of the top 25% nationally. Through setting aspirational minimum expected grades, the Alps system creates a culture of aspiration which contributes to significant and sustained improvements in student attainment.

Our target setting methodology uses students’ prior attainment in nationally assessed exams to calculate aspirational targets at the appropriate level. The minimum expected grades given are based on the achievements of students with similar prior achievement profiles. This allows us to generate minimum expected grades which are challenging while still being achievable.

The levels at which these minimum expected grades are set is based on student benchmarks which we create using the full Department for Education national data. With Alps your students receive a minimum expected grade which is based on the performance of all other students nationally.

Alps minimum expected grades can be generated using our free Key Stage 5 Alps Data Collection Software (ADCS). For more information on the steps involved please refer to the ADCS user guide.

If you have any questions about installing or using the ADCS, about Alps target setting or about the Alps methodology more generally please contact us directly.

Our technical and educational specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.